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Identity F.I.T Coaching was created to provide coaching to individuals and families, so they can find success without compromising their beliefs, core values, marriage, family, purpose, and identity.

The heart of Identity F.I.T Coaching is to help teach, coach, and equip you to win from the inside out, and ‘Find the Infallible Truth’ of whom God created you to be.

Win within yourself by taking ownership of your personal growth and development to be the best version of yourself.

Win within the four walls of your home, to be the leader, parent, husband, wife, father, and mother, that God created you to be.

Win within your workplace, career, business, calling, purpose, and destiny God has placed on your life.


Coach Sam Velazquez.

I am a husband to my beautiful wife Brooke of 15 years. I am a father to my incredible children, Makhai (13), Malia, (11), Mya (8), and Micah (5).


I am a former United States Marine Corps Sergeant who served two tours in Iraq. I was awarded the Purple Heart during my first tour as a combat veteran.


I have always been passionate about coaching and helping others succeed. I have run two small businesses and after 11 years of running our gym business, I am now full-time coaching individuals, couples, and families to win from the inside out in every area of their lives.


I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Theology, an Associate in Criminal Justice, and almost 20 years of coaching experience, and am a John Maxwell Leadership Certified Coach.


Identity F.I.T Coaching is dedicated to helping you become the best version of yourself. We provide an integrative approach to life coaching that focuses on helping you build a strong identity and develop a balanced lifestyle.

At Identity F.I.T Coaching, we believe that life coaching is more than just goal-setting; it’s about helping you to become the person you want to be. Through our practical and personalized approach, we’ll work with you to identify and remove any blocks that might be preventing you from achieving your goals.










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