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The calibrate experience was designed to help get you started. More than an introduction the 3 session weekly 1hr coaching is set up to help you take that first step, gain clarity, vision, and define your purpose. Coaching how to stay focused and map out success without compromising the things that matter most to you., like your faith, marriage, family, and Identity. Calibrate the who, what, why, and how.


The refine 9 session experience builds on the calibrate coaching experience. The difference is accountability. With added time comes added value. The refine coaching experience allows for more personal growth and development. We begin to really  unpack the obstacles you feel may be holding yo back. Healthy accountability doesn't focus on failure, but rather helps us find the hidden potential we know truly is inside each and every one of us.


Commit is designed for all in person. You have the drive, determination, business or business idea, and are ready to work with a coach to help you put those things in motion. Commit level coaching provides 12 session over 12 weeks to maximize your return on personal growth, confidence, strategic growth, and business growth. This also gives you more access to me and all my available resources. You understand the long game and are committed.

Whether Calibrate, Refine or Commit, Identity F.I.T Coaching's mission is to help you find success without compromising your faith, marriage, family, or identity. Gaining anything outside of that is not worth it if it means losing any of the latter.


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